How It Works

Bowjax Archery Accessories Deliver True Silence

When it comes to bow hunting, silence is essential. There are a variety of bow string silencers and limb dampening products on the market, but only Bowjax products’ innovative patented designs and top-quality materials can deliver on the promise to be the Best Designed Archery Dampening System.

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Begin With Ideas, End with Trophies

Every Bowjax product begins with a need, question or idea like, “how can we make bow string silencers even quieter?”. After extensive research, Bowjax makes it a priority to quickly convert their ideas into American-made injection molded realities. Every new product is field tested and redesigned before going into production. With Bowjax you can rest assured that your bow, compound bow, or crossbow, is outfitted with the world’s finest accessories for reducing noise and vibration. Bowjax: shoot silent and triumph.

Our Products

Ultrajax and Slipjax bow string silencers

Easy installation— some varieties do not require a bow press.

Monsterjax limb dampener

Attaches to most solid limb bows with a thin layer of pre-applied adhesive.

String Sleeves

Harnesses excess noise & string vibration, and eliminates the need for a speed nock.

Revelation split limb dampener

Takes out excess vibration that other dampeners can’t handle.

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