Bob Vigil on Bowjax

“I started using Bowjax limb dampeners when I bought my Mathews z7 extreme several years back. I actually purchased them because of how cool I thought they’d look on my bow. Well after using them I realized how much of an improvement there was on noise level when I shot. So naturally when I upgraded to a Mathews Triax I ordered a set of limb dampeners, a set of riser dampeners and a string stopper to match the color scheme of my bow. Even though the Triax is a super quiet bow, the Bowjax dampeners made this bow super silent. Even shooting 3D league I hear all the time how quiet my bow is when I shoot it and that all you hear is arrow hitting the target. I really can’t imagine not having a bow without a set of Bowjax dampeners on it. I’m definitely a customer for life. ” -Bob Vigil

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