Why Use a String Silencer on Your Bow?

It’s no secret that as today’s bows get more technologically advanced they also create more noise when you are drawing them back and as you release the arrow. That has put a premium on effective string silencers. Here are some things that can result from having bow strings that are properly silenced.

Cuts Down On Missed Opportunities

If you have hunted for a long time you know there is no such thing as a stupid animal. Deer, turkey and other game animals have an incredible sense of hearing. The least little sound as you are preparing for a shot may spook them away. It can be very frustrating to wait out your game for a whole day only to miss a shot opportunity because you have a noisy bow.

Less Wounded Animals

Many people hunt because it is thrilling to successfully outwit your preferred game and bag it. For most hunters there is a flipside too and that is the sick feeling from not getting a clean kill shot and seeing an animal flee in agony. Noisy strings on bows can be a huge factor in spooking your game so they start to move just as you are taking a shot. This often times results in you hitting the animal other than where you intended to.

Lessens Vibration

Many people do not realize that most string silencers also cut down on the vibration as you shoot your bow. This makes them much more comfortable to hold them when shooting. Less vibration will also help your bow stay sighted in properly for a longer period of time too.

May Increase Arrow Speed

Some companies say that you can actually increase your arrow speed slightly if you have string silencers attached to your bow. It’s not a whole lot, maybe as little as 1 to 3 feet per second. But if you are going after large game every bit of penetrating power counts. We pointed out to you why it’s important to have good string silencers on your bow. These all rubber silencers will help give you the stealthy edge you need when out hunting.

The Bowjax String Silencers will reduce string noise by as much as 90%. That improves your chances of getting a good first shot at your intended prey. Once they are on you will really notice the difference in the noise level as you shoot.

These tiny little silencers will do more than just help silence your bow too. The manufacturer claims they will actually increase your arrow speed as it leaves your bow (estimated 1-3 fps). They also do a nice job off lessening the vibration as you shoot too.


  • Up to 90% noise reduction
  • Long lasting
  • Will help slightly increase your arrow speed
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