String Silencers & Limb Dampeners – reviewed by Twyla Jean

Hey everybody, my name is Twila Jean. I just want to take a moment to talk about something that has made my hunts a little bit more successful, and that is Bowjax limb dampeners and bowstring silencers. I started using Bowjax three years ago, they have made my bow a lot quieter. There’s no vibration in it anymore. So here’s the deal. I can only shoot about 40 pounds. So my arrow is moving slower than somebody that shoots 70 pounds. So by adding Bowjax string silencers on my bow, it makes it quiet. Not to mention it makes my bow, my bow. I love purple, I’ve added purple to it. Maybe you like green, they’ve got all kinds of colors, personalize it and make it your own. And in the meantime, it makes your bow quieter and less vibration. So do yourself a favor and get yourself some Bowjax limb dampeners to make your bow a lot quieter, reduce vibration, and make it your own.

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