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Bowjax Fishing Accessories Deliver True Silence

BOWJAX is all about pushing the envelope, enabling hunters and sportsmen everywhere to stalk their game with silence and precision. We take our archery dampening systems to the next level, but now we’re diving into the world of sport fishing with the MVD – Motor Vibration Dampener.

Begin With Ideas, End with Trophies

Trolling motors already allow fishermen to sneak up on tough spots and hook even the most challenging fish. The less sound and vibration, however, the better. The BOWJAX MVD trolling motor dampener can reduce your motor’s sound and vibration by 22%, allowing you to stalk sound-sensitive fish more effectively than ever before, without having to cut the engine.

They Will Never Hear You Coming

Can something other than the hottest new lure or techno gadget actually help you catch more fish? In a word, yes. Bowjax proudly presents the new MVD (Motor Vibration Damper) that is designed to help you catch more fish by quieting the source of the most noise – your trolling motor.

Studies have shown that electric trolling motors, though effective at being quiet above water, give off vibration as they generate power through the water. Though not a seemingly major problem, fish can sense this vibration and are often scared away.

The research and design team at Bowjax studied the sources of noise and vibration from trolling motors and created a patent-pending (patent application #12/231,418) dampender. This dampener is attached to the propeller housing and works to stop vibration at the source. What good is a great idea without science to back it up? Bowjax studied the effectiveness of this dampener in a scientific setting. The study showed a reduction vibration in HzG’s from 262 to 204. This proves it doesn’t matter if you have the best new lure on the market. If you dampen your trolling motor, you increase your odds of catching more fish.

Less noise means more fish.

BOWJAX MVD is easy to install and can be used on a variety of trolling motors, allowing you to take the fight to the fish without risk of scaring off your catch of the day!

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