Company Story of Bowjax

When Stuart Wright started down the path of becoming an entrepreneur, he didn’t know what he was going to make, but he knew he was on the cusp of a great invention. After working jobs in plastic injection molding, he began to gather miscellaneous equipment and test different ideas. Eventually one stuck, and Bowjax was born.

Bowjax, Inc. in Hayden, Idaho, manufactures risers, strings, cables and cable guards, stabilizers, dampeners and silencers for bow limbs. Tested by the Bowjax staff and two research universities, their vibration dampening systems for archery bows and cross bows is proven to dramatically reduce sound that could potentially spook an animal during a hunt. The vibration reduction has an added benefit of improving the lifespan and accuracy of a bow.

The company’s breadth of offerings spans over 200 SKUs, including products in various colors. Every Bowjax part is American-made, right down to the packaging and labels. These dampeners are used by archers practicing in backyards, at ranges and in the great outdoors around the world, but most importantly, they’re Tested in Idaho.

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